Thursday, November 5, 2015


A few years back a band emerged to release one vicious three-song demo. First seen as a cassette tape from Hemlock 13, A389 Recordings later put out the demo on vinyl. For a label that has put out some serious great records, there was something about the Unholy Majesty demo that made it stand out. Much like the highly underrated Gray Ghost Succubus 7”, the music itself sounded like nothing else out there. The influences are evident in Unholy Majesty – a (un) healthy love of Integrity, Ringworm, and that classic and often replicated 90's Clevo sound – but along with the solos that make you want to head bang yourself stupid and snarling vocals, there was something under the surface that made made it truly have a powerful presence. As the CTW (Who put out killer records from some of my favorite UK bands such as xRepentencex, Rot In Hell, Wayfarer) page says, “it's been a long time coming” for this full-length. And the wait was completely worth it.

All Is Dust is a ten track monster of a record with a ferociousness that I haven't heard since the aforementioned Rot In Hell's As Pearls Before Swine. “The Keys Of Hel” being a perfect example as the guitar squeals and the pace just changes from a chugging along to a full on riff feast to close things out. There's a lot to like about the record. The softer murmuring vocals in “Malleus Maleficarum” are a nice touch – in fact the vocals are tremendous, very much at the forefront of the sound without drowning out the music - as is the slow build up in the second to last track “All The Way Alive”. Whilst it's not as violent and breakneck as the other songs, it's an interesting three-minute lead into the closer, “The Tempering.”
Unholy Majesty delivers an stunner of a debut after teasing the world with just that demo for three or four years. The appreciation of that Clevo sound is there but All Is Dust is not just a rehash. No, this is perfect metallic hardcore that doesn't rely on silly gimmicks. It seems like bands carrying that holy terror sound have disappeared in the last couple years.. Unholy Majesty reminds us that there are still some surprises hiding in the shadows.