Mike Cheese

I / II / III

"And when it really comes down to it if you’re not a part of Gehenna I don’t give a shit what you want to hear or when you want to hear it."

Dom Romeo

"Just doing our part at keeping good music alive and available."


"Croak not black angel: I have no food for thee." 


"We only have got a couple shows under our belt but it seems like our ritual would be finding that happy medium between sober and smashed before hitting the stage.  It looseness us up enough to not be nervous and still the ability to put on a hell of a show, or at least we think so."

The Love Below

"The details will forever be shrouded in mystery."

Neighborhood Brats

"You can't go all-out on a band like this if you want to keep doing it. You gotta live a little bit. It's a big world out there."